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February Wrench of the Month.

Posted Mar 11, 2013

Congratulations to Eric Faifer of Tom’s Bicycles in Tulsa, OK, on being named the WD-40 BIKE February 2013 Wrench of the Month!

The WD-40 BIKE Wrench of the Month campaign has received great response, and we're proud to announce our first honoree.  Eric's been a shop wrench for 15 years, and has held court in the service department at Tom’s Bicycles since 2002. His skill and experience are impressive on their own, but his “crazy bike repair story” sealed the deal: The dude can build a wheel blindfolded! That’s talent folks. Check out this video.


Eric left off the blindfold for this wheel repair, but if the lights went out he'd be just fine. 

Here are the deets on Eric:

Name: Eric W. Faifer

Years as a Bike Mechanic: 15

Bike shops worked for: Bikes Unlimited - St. Louis, MO, Wheels West - St. Louis, MO, Tom's Bicycles - Tulsa, OK

Teams or Federations worked for: Team Tom's Bicycles, Tulsa OK

Favorite type of bike repair: Bottom bracket replacement

Least favorite type of bike repair: Gluing on tubulars

Don’t try this at home - Repair best left to a bike shop mechanic:  Derailleur installations and adjustments

Three tools I always keep handy: TACX Tire Levers, #2 Phillips and a set of Allen keys

The best way customers can show their mechanic some love:  By continuing to support their local bicycle shop (Beer and candy are also nice, I have to admit!)

Well said Eric, congrats again!  Stay tuned for more Wrench of the Month announcements throughout the year. Bike shop mechanics can register here.