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June Wrench of the Month.

Posted Jul 1, 2013

Congratulations to Jason Barksdale of Birmingham Bicycle Company, in Birmingham, Alabama!

WD-40 BIKE shines a light on the southeast, with our latest Wrench of the Month winner. Jason is the service manager for Birmingham Bicycle Company, where he has worked since 2004.  A wrench for 19 years, Jason specializes in high-tech service with a simple touch. He also knows how to think fast and get it done in the most unpredictable situations, which is evident in his "crazy wrench experience" below...no better testament to a true mechanic's ability to work on the fly to keep riders rolling!

The legendary Dremel tool in the hands of a master.  Don't try this at home boys and girls! 

Full Name:  Jason Barksdale

Years as a Bike Mechanic: 19

Bike shops worked for: Birmingham Bicycle Company, Homewood Cycle and Fitness 

Teams worked for: Team Type 1 

Favorite type of bike repair: Wheel building or bike wash and detailing.  Customer reactions to their bikes being super clean are always great; they often don't recognize their own bikes.

Least favorite type of bike repair: Big box store bike brands because the parts are of such low quality and often unsafe to ride.

Don’t try this at home – Repair best left to a bike shop mechanic:  Wheel truing and tubular gluing…these can both go very bad, very quickly.

Three tools I always keep handy:  Leatherman Multi-Tool, 3-Way Hex and Measuring Tape.

The best way customers can show their mechanic some love:  I love it when I see someone out on the road or trail and they take the time to come over and thank me.  And, the shop always seems to attract meals and a six pack here and there, which are always appreciated.

Craziest wrench experience: Working for Team Type 1 during the Race Across America in 2010, one of my guys crashed and destroyed the fork on his TT bike. So, I had to change the fork from his road bike to the TT bike in segments, on the move in the middle of Indiana. Between rider exchanges every 2-5 miles, I would jump out of the trailer and do part of the repair on the side of the road until I finally got it done and he was ready to roll.

As anyone who's ever swapped out a fork knows, that's a pretty involved repair in a fully-stocked workshop...even more so street side. Mad skills Jason! Bike shop mechanics, if you have a fix-it story to tell, register here to be considered for future Wrench of the Month selections.