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Safety Data Sheets

NEW! These Safety Data Sheets (SDS) look different! Why?

OSHA requires the current MSDS to have a new format and contain new information. This changes them from an MSDS to SDS.

Our products are consumer products and are labeled in accordance with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations which take precedence over OSHA Hazard Communication labeling. The actual container label will not include the label elements seen on the Safety Data Sheets in Section 2. That labeling would apply to industrial/professional products used only in the workplace.

Our safety data sheets (SDS) are prepared in accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and contain important safety information intended to protect workers who may use our products as part of their job. The OSHA Standard requires that we classify our chemicals under that classification system and include the OSHA/GHS hazard classification on the SDS in Section 2 along with the labeling that would apply if these were workplace hazardous chemicals.

Employers using our products in their workplace must make a copy of the SDS available to their workers and train their workers on the hazards these products present unless their use is the same as that of a consumer. To assist you in complying with these requirements and to help you assure a safe workplace, we have posted our SDS on this website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

CPSC vs OSHA GHS Labeling FAQs