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Below are some tips on keeping bikes in top condition.

  • TIP #1

    If your chain needs cleaning, try and do so with it still on the bike. Breaking your chain repeatedly weakens the link and over time can lead to failure. If the chain uses a master link or a "quick link", avoid breaking it unnecessarily, as most modern "quick links" are single use only.

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  • TIP #2

    To properly degrease a chain, put your bike on a work stand and shift into the largest chain ring and the middle of the cassette. Spray WD-40 BIKE® Chain Cleaner & Degreaser on the chain and chain rings. Scrub off deep-set grime with a stiff brush.  Rinse or wipe dry.

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  • TIP #3

    When lubing your chain, drip the lube onto each individual roller instead of just applying a stream along the entire length of the chain. Lube does nothing for the outside of the chain; it only works to reduce friction and keep dirt out of the inside of the rollers. Be sure to run a rag over the chain after letting the lube set for a while. Any lube left on the outside of the chain will be a magnet for dirt and grime.

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  • TIP #4

    When washing your bike, don’t forget the underside of the frame and fork where the heaviest gunk resides. Spray your entire bike with WD-40 BIKE® All-Purpose Wash, from top to bottom. Use a soft brush and work the product into all hard-to-reach places to get dirt moving.

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  • TIP #5

    WD-40 BIKE® Dry Lube isn’t just for chains. It’s great for brake pivots, derailleur pulley bolts, main parallelogram pivots and pedal retention springs. If you’ve just finished a wet ride, drop a spot of lube inside brake and derailleur cable housings to keep things moving freely. Remember to wipe off excess lube.

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