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We know who you are.  There’s no hiding it any longer.  As a bike shop mechanic, you keep the industry rolling with your skill and hard work.  To acknowledge some of the best mechanics around, WD-40 BIKE has created the Wrench of the Month campaign.

Monthly selections will be announced on our Blog and Facebook page, and will receive a killer selection of WD-40 BIKE swag.  Near the end of 2013, we’ll showcase all Wrench of the Month selections and announce an overall Wrench of the Year.

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We will contact you if you’re selected as a WD-40 BIKE Wrench of the Month. The WD-40 BIKE Wrench of the Month campaign is open to bike shop mechanics only. You will need to show proof of full-time or part-time employment prior to being selected and announced. No purchase necessary. Thanks for all that you do!